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As the principles of forest schools have spread, so have the ideas and activities that teachers, children, and parents can experience. The benefits of nature and outdoor education have reached the point that many schools and nurseries across the United Kingdom now consider it a staple part of their curriculum, recognising its importance to young people's development. The shining light at the end of this tunnel is the increasing number of professional development opportunities out there.

At Oak Forest School, we offer a variety of learning programmes that help people learn more about the principles of forest schools and develop their own outdoor education practises. Our team also delivers Forest School Activities and needs assessments, supporting teachers and educators in delivering the most effective curriculum-based outdoor learning experiences.

As we strive towards creating a more sustainable world, outdoor education is critical for helping children develop increased awareness, connection, responsibility, and stewardship for the natural environment. Through outdoor educational experiences, adults and children alike can explore the world around them and learn how to truly interact with it.

At Oak Forest School, we want to offer our services to everyone. We understand the demands of the modern world and its ever-growing need for outdoor education skills and knowledge. With that in mind, we invite you to take part in our training programmes and to join the movement towards an outdoor educational revolution. Together, we can help bring sustainable change and awareness to the world.

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