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We are proud to be one of the leading outdoor education service provider in the country. We are passionate about helping children, young people, adults, and vulnerable adults connect with nature and develop life skills and personal development through adventurous hands-on activities in the great outdoors.

Our core values reflect a deep commitment to working in partnership with our clients, staff, and local communities to preserve and promote the importance of our natural environments, as well as to stimulate profound lifelong learning for all involved. Through our educational services, we strive to develop responsible and curious citizens who possess the knowledge, resources, and skills to make positive contributions to society.

Our passionate team of specialists is dedicated to creating welcoming and inclusive environments for everyone, making Oak Forest School the perfect venue for adventurous learning experiences. The 120-acre woodland that hosts our school is home to thriving wildlife, crystal-clear streams, majestic trees, and a variety of ecosystems, providing students and participants with an unparalleled outdoor education and adventure experience.

At Oak Forest School, we want to help you develop exciting and engaging outdoor learning programmes, curriculum-linked activities, and wildlife and environmental conservation projects. Our passion for nature, incredible learning opportunities, and dedication to environmental sustainability make us the ideal choice for outdoor education and outdoor activities. We guarantee that all of your outdoor learning journeys will be fun, stimulating, and unforgettable! Drop us a line today if you’d like to learn more or book a session.

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